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Nadya Rusheva

Youngest of Great and Greatest of Young

Nadya Rusheva was an artist that lived a mere 17 years, but left a huge heritage of over 12000 pieces of art.  During her short lifetime she was already considered a genius.  Her figures were born without sketches; she always drew clean, drew the not visible; and only those images which arose in her imagination while reading a book or when a book was read aloud.  "I live a life of those whom I draw", she said. "I first see them… they appear on paper as watermarks, and I need to do something to lead around them"…

“I know no other similar example in the history of the fine arts,” the doctor of art criticism A. Sidorov wrote about Nadya Rusheva, “among poets and musicians seldom; but extraordinary early creative explosions of artists - never.  All youth leaves on a study and development of skill.”

In her early release from life, due to a haemorrhage in the brain, there remained something mystical.  Someone once said that Nadya Rusheva, with her gift, was a bulletin.  Sent for a brief instant into our world to send us a message, in that language she owned - the language of figure.  And her leaving was not death, but she would return when her mission had appeared executed.  And I, perhaps, am ready to believe to this sentiment.  Nadya Rusheva's creativity, in which clean lines and the spontaneity of child was combined with a depth which could only come from enormous life experience.  It was all too phenomenal.

Nadya Rusheva's figures are stored in a Moscow ’s museums, in the Academy of Sciences in St.Petersburg.  In 1982 a newly found asteroid was named in her honour.

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